Loco2 changes tracks and has become Rail Europe
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Loco2 changes tracks and has become Rail Europe

5. November 2019

We are excited to announce that the Loco2 website and apps have now changed names to Rail Europe. Some people call this rebranding, but we like to think of it more as a railway coupling.

If the name Rail Europe sounds familiar, that’s because it’s already a leading worldwide booking platform, providing quick and easy train tickets in the Americas, India, across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Sharing experience and expertise

As Loco2 and Rail Europe share the same mission, to be environmentally conscious and make train travel as easy as possible for travellers, it made sense for us both to share experience and expertise in order to excel. Loco2 was, like Rail Europe, part of e-voyageurs SNCF and now the international arm of OUI.sncf. 

Making tracks internationally

For now, all you will notice are the new name, logo, colours and website addresses. Our Travel Geeks will still geek, our bloggers will banter, and our tech team will continue to trailblaze. We are also developing our network with several international sites, as follows: 

Raileurope.co.uk for English speakers

Raileurope.de  for German speakers

Raileurope.it  for Italian speakers

Raileurope.es for Spanish speakers

Please keep travelling the low CO2 way, the slow way and the fun way, and we will continue to do all we can to help you.

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