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Trains to Aime-la-Plagne

Aime-la-Plagne is a smallish community in the Tarentaise region of the French Alps. Direct trains from London, Paris and other cities serve resorts along the Isère Valley, all stopping at Aime on their way to Bourg-Saint-Maurice near the head of the valley. Aime is the gateway to the La Plagne ski area which joins with Les Arcs to the east to form the huge Paradiski complex.

It is easy to reach Aime-la-Plagne by train. During the ski season, Eurostar operate both direct daytime and overnight services from London and Ashford to Aime. Note that on the return journey London-bound Eurostar services do not stop at Aime-la-Plagne, so you’ll need to board your home-bound train at Bourg-Saint-Maurice or Moûtiers – both just a short distance from Aime. Here's a tip: even though you'll need to return from different station, there's no need to buy two single tickets. Just buy a return from London or Ashford to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. You can still alight at Aime on the outward journey.

There are also special high-speed daytime trains for the winter sports market running directly to Aime-la-Plagne from Amsterdam, Brussels and Lille. From Paris, there is a good choice of daytime trains to Aime, supplemented by an overnight TGV on peak travel days (seats only, no couchettes or sleepers). The fastest TGVs speed from Paris to Aime in well under five hours.

This excellent range of long-distance trains aside, Aime also has regular local trains to Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Chambéry, with some of the latter continuing beyond Chambéry to Lyon or Aix-les-Bains. At Chambéry there are good connections to Geneva. At certain times of year, rail operator SNCF also runs buses on the Aime to Chambéry route. Our booking system clearly shows which services are run by trains and which are operated by buses.

Travel to Aime-la-Plagne by train from anywhere in the UK or across Europe.

Von London nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 123,32 $

Avg 1 change 7 h 51 m

Von Paris nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 37,39 $

Avg 1 change 4 h 39 m

Von Ashford nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 213,19 $

Avg 1 change 7 h 18 m

Von Genf nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 41,33 $

Avg 1 change 3 h 5 m

Von Chambéry nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 19,68 $

Avg 0 change 1 h 28 m

Von Lyon nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 35,42 $

Avg 0 change 2 h 46 m

Von Albertville nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 11,15 $

Avg 0 change 42 m

Von Genève-Aéroport nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 49,20 $

Avg 2 change 3 h 34 m

Von Moûtiers nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 7,22 $

Avg 0 change 13 m

Von Lille nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 59,04 $

Avg 1 change 6 h 19 m

Von Grenoble nach Aime-la-Plagne mit dem Zug

from 26,89 $

Avg 1 change 2 h 18 m

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